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Performance   Exhaust Systems

Whether you are a performance car enthusiast, a 4x4 owner or just want a better note from your car we can make your vehicle perform and sound better.

So what are your options:

Custom Exhausts

At Exhaustworx our experienced exhaust specialists can custom make a system to suit your requirements whether it is a full system or a cat back system, mandrel or press bent, mild, aluminised or stainless steel.

Performance Exhaust Systems

We have a comprehensive range of bolt on performance systems for many makes of cars, utes and 4x4's. These have been specifically designed for the make and model of vehicle and will normally give you a performance gain and depending upon your driving style improved fuel economy..



Also known as headers. Extractors allow improved airflow from your engine, reducing back pressure. There are a number of different manufacturers of header in Australia for example Genie, Pacemaker, Hi-Tec and Hurricane.

Hi Flow Cats

Catalytic Converters are an important part of your car's exhaust system and are a legal requirement in cars manufactured after 1986. Should you include a hi-flow cat in your system? This really depends on what you want to gain out of your new system, the age and model of your vehicle and what cat is currently in your system.


What's best for my vehicle?

Some find out from internet chat rooms, others read car magazines or talk to fellow car enthusiasts, our recommendation is to talk to one of our installers. We are passionate about exhausts, especially performance exhausts. Our advice and estimates are free. Give Exhaustworx a call or preferably call into our workshop so we can see exactly what's on your vehicle now and talk to you about the options open to you.

Contact Exhaustworx on 02 6298 1196 for more information on pricing and application.